Specialists reveal three issues that may make The Final Of Us zombie fungus a actuality

May an actual fungus actually flip individuals into zombies, like in HBO’s blockbuster sci-fi present The Final Of Us? STACY LIBERATORE reveals the THREE issues that ought to occur to make your worst nightmares come true

HBO’s The Final of Us reveals a world the place a ‘zombie’ fungus has advanced to contaminate people – however these terrifying organisms actually do exist in nature.

The collection, culminating in subsequent weekend’s finale, follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and teenage Ellie (Bella Ramsey), who combat to remain alive as they journey throughout the US overrun by fungus-infected people.

The fungus, known as cordyceps, features equally in the true world, however solely infects ants. The spores infiltrate the ant’s muscle groups and unfold all through its physique, ultimately taking up its mind. As soon as the cordyceps are in full management, it navigates the contaminated insect out of the nest to unfold contaminated fungal spores amongst its fellow ants.

Whereas The Final of Us is science fiction, mildew specialists advised DailyMail.com that cordyceps are simply three steps away from placing people in a zombie-like state.

These steps embrace adjustments in our physique temperature, construction and immune system.

The specialists mentioned that whereas these hurdles are vital, they don’t seem to be fully unattainable to beat.

In a brand new video, DailyMail.com explains the three steps the fungus takes to show us into zombies.