See if you happen to can inform if these landscapes are on Earth or one other world

We frequently take the great thing about the Earth and its alien landscapes without any consideration.

However may you say whether or not a specific geologic function comes from our planet or from one other object within the photo voltaic system?

MailOnline has put collectively a number of photographs from Earth and past to check your information whether or not you’re looking at our world or at Mars, Venus or one of many many distant moons within the photo voltaic system.

After all, it may even be our personal moon.

Take the quiz beneath and see the way you’re doing. The solutions are beneath every photograph, together with particulars of precisely what you’re taking a look at.

1. Earth or Past?

Mars-like: This panorama could also be many individuals’s imaginative and prescient of what it’s like on the Purple Planet

Reply: It’s the Earth!

Though it appears to be like like Mars, that is in Spain.

Bardenas Reales is a semi-desert pure space, or badlands, of some 42,000 hectares in southeastern Navarre. It’s simply over an hour’s drive from town of Zaragoza.

Soils in Bardenas Reales are made up of clay, chalk and sandstone and have been eroded by water and wind.

This has created the gorgeous ravines, plateaus and different stunning shapes, together with remoted hills referred to as cabezos.

Sport of Thrones followers can also acknowledge it because the scene for the Dothraki Sea.

2. Earth or Past?

water world? This appears to be a scene from one of the distant moons in our solar system

water world? This seems to be a scene from one of many distant moons in our photo voltaic system

Reply: It’s Earth once more!

This may increasingly appear like one in every of Saturn’s icy moons, however it’s in Brazil.

The Lençois Maranhenses Nationwide Park accommodates enormous white dunes that dot the panorama, interspersed with crystal clear lagoons which can be full of rainwater from Could to September.

Lençois interprets into Portuguese as ‘sheets’, named after how the white dunes seem.

The breathtaking panorama stretches for 70 km alongside the coast and greater than 50 km inland.

3. Earth or Past?

Sandy outlook: This sequence of images appears to show a mountainous region - but is it on Earth or another world?

Sandy outlook: This sequence of photographs seems to indicate a mountainous area – however is it on Earth or one other world?

Reply: It’s over!

These breathtaking pictures had been taken on Saturn’s moon Titan.

They could appear like a sandy ridge on Earth, however they had been really captured by the European House Company’s Huygens probe, which landed on Earth in 2005.

The pictures present the view trying north, south, east and west at 5 totally different heights above Titan’s floor.

Huygens is designed to gather information for just a few hours within the moon’s environment, in addition to for a short while on the floor. It managed to transmit information about 90 minutes after touchdown earlier than dropping contact.

4. Earth or Past?

Scars: These frozen features may be somewhere on Earth, but are they actually anywhere else?

Scars: These frozen options could also be someplace on Earth, however are they really wherever else?

Reply: This one is over

The fascinating pink scars that dot this panorama are among the many smallest of the 4 Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter, Europa.

They’re really cracks and ridges that mark faint traces within the moon’s icy crust, emphasised and exacerbated by the rising and falling of tides on account of Jupiter’s gravity.

This photograph was taken by the US House Company Galileo spacecraft within the late Nineties.

5. Earth or Past?

Sunrise here or elsewhere? This desert landscape has a very Mars-like appearance

Dawn right here or elsewhere? This desert panorama has a really Mars-like look

Reply: Earth

One other panorama with a Mars-like look, however that is once more on our planet.

Wadi Rum, also called the Valley of the Moon, is a desert in southern Jordan that covers about 717 sq. kilometers.

It has pink dunes, fascinating rock formations and valleys over 1700 meters excessive.

In truth, the view is so Mars-like that if you happen to visited it you’d assume you had been experiencing what Matt Damon’s character did in The Martian when it was left for lifeless on the Purple Planet.

The Wadi Rum Protected Space is widespread with vacationers who take pleasure in mountaineering and mountaineering and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Web site since 2011.

6. Earth or Past?

Clouds, volcanoes, mountains or something else? Is this image of Earth or another world in the solar system?

Clouds, volcanoes, mountains or one thing else? Is that this picture of Earth or one other world within the photo voltaic system?

Reply: proceed

This one is likely to be a bit simpler. Whilst you may say it appears to be like like indignant sun-kissed clouds or an outline of some mountains on Earth, that is really what it appears to be like like on Venus, our planet’s evil twin sister.

The picture has been dubbed the “Crater Farm” by NASA as a result of it exhibits the mysterious stratification of volcanic exercise and affect craters on the second planet from the solar.

It was created within the early Nineties by the Magellan deep area probe.

Nevertheless, whereas it appears to be like fascinating, the surroundings is greatest considered from afar. That’s as a result of Venus is a hellish world the place floor temperatures are excessive sufficient to soften lead and the environment is thick with carbon dioxide.

7. Earth or Past?

Ice Cave: Is this on Earth or perhaps one of the frozen moons orbiting Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune?

Ice Cave: Is that this on Earth or maybe one of many frozen moons orbiting Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune?

Reply: Earth

A lot consideration has been paid to how extraterrestrial life may exist in our photo voltaic system deep in a subsurface ocean in one of many icy moons of Saturn or Jupiter.

And this picture above actually appears to be like prefer it might be of an alien watery tundra.

In truth, it captures the second largest glacier in Europe – Iceland’s Vatnajokull Glacier.

This beautiful pure surprise is house to various ice caves just like the one above and is over 900 meters deep in some locations.

These aren’t the one secrets and techniques it has, both. The glacier really hides a number of energetic volcanoes beneath the floor – and maybe extra worryingly, geologists assume an eruption is lengthy overdue!

8. Earth or Past?

Eye of the storm: is this Jupiter, Venus or somewhere on Earth? The vibrant colors make it a stunning spectacle

Eye of the storm: is that this Jupiter, Venus or someplace on Earth? The colourful colours make it a surprising spectacle

Reply: It’s Earth once more!

You’d assume this colourful, eyeball-like creation could be extra at house on Venus, Jupiter, or one of many photo voltaic system’s distant moons.

However really it’s the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone Nationwide Park.

Primarily in Wyoming, the park additionally spreads throughout components of Montana and Idaho, with this thermal function being probably the most photographed a part of it.

The spectacularly colourful ring measures 200 to 300 toes (60 to 90 meters) in diameter and 121 toes (36 meters) deep.

It’s a extremely wanted place for microscopic organisms generally known as thermophiles, which thrive in heat environments.

The hardiest species stay within the hottest water in mid-spring and are colorless or yellow, whereas the orange, brown and inexperienced thermophiles stay within the barely cooler water across the edge.

9. Earth or Past?

View of the desert: Yet another image very similar to Mars. But was it taken on Mars or here on Earth?

View of the desert: Yet one more picture similar to Mars. However was it taken on Mars or right here on Earth?

Reply: Mars

After a number of earlier Mars-like landscapes on Earth or one other world in our photo voltaic system, this one is lastly from the Purple Planet.

It was taken by NASA’s Mars rover Spirit, which operated from 2004 to 2010.

After climbing Husband Hill, Spirit spent over 4 years exploring places inside this view, together with the ‘Comanche’ outcrop and the ‘House Plate’ space.

The summit of Husband Hill is a broad plateau of rocky outcrops and windblown drifts about 100 meters (300 ft) larger than the encompassing plains of Gusev Crater, the place Spirit made landfall in January 2004.

10. Earth or Past?

Volcanic activity: Is this burning lava landscape on Earth or somewhere like Jupiter's moon Io

Volcanic exercise: Is that this burning lava panorama on Earth or someplace like Jupiter’s moon Io

Reply: Earth

You would possibly assume this burning lava panorama is extra like Jupiter’s moon Io, probably the most volcanically energetic place in our photo voltaic system.

However really it’s from one in every of our personal planet’s volcanic hotspots – Hawaii.

Whereas not practically as energetic as Io, which is pockmarked with volcanoes able to spewing plumes 90 miles vertically, one Hawaiian volcano bears an uncanny resemblance to its sister fissure on Jupiter’s moon.

NASA scientists reviewed photographs captured by the Galileo spacecraft to find out that Io’s volcano Prometheus bears similarities to Kilauea, positioned on the Large Island.

The 2 each havelong-lived eruptions’ and flows that journey by lava tubes.

The place may aliens exist in our photo voltaic system? Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s satellites Enceladus and Titan are among the many more than likely worlds for extraterrestrial life, consultants say

For 1000’s of years, humanity has struggled with the concept we is probably not alone in our photo voltaic system.

Hypothesis that aliens would possibly exist date again to philosophers in historic Greece, however it was the mid-Twentieth century when individuals’s imaginations actually began to run wild — immediately “little inexperienced males” had been throughout widespread tradition .

Whereas the usage of the phrase is believed to have originated in 1908, it was between the Nineteen Twenties and Nineteen Fifties that inexperienced Mars characters had been plastered everywhere in the covers of science fiction magazines and in a while individuals’s TVs.

The truth is that if extraterrestrial life does exist in our photo voltaic system, it will likely be of an easier sort, maybe hidden within the clouds of Venus, beneath the floor of Mars, or within the huge subsurface oceans of one in every of Saturn’s icy moons.

However the place else are you able to greatest discover it? MailOnline speaks with various consultants to seek out out.

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