Full record of 24 ‘dangerous’ phrases scientists need to ban together with ‘feminine’ and ‘invasive’

noxious time period Context alternative time period alien / non-native / unique / invasive Xenophobic, anti-immigrant and militaristic Non-endemic species / Newcomer species / Non-native species / Launched species / Nuisance species blind / double blind / plant blindness incapacity metaphor Consciousness citizen science ‘Citizen science’ is dangerous to non-citizens excluded by such language Participatory Science / Group Science / feminized / masculinized Feminized implies that ‘female’ and ‘masculine’ are organic traits slightly than social constructs Describe the precise traits. Gypsy Racial slur used to incite violence towards Roma ‘fluffy moth’ man lady Extremely anthropomorphic/Biases in direction of males or masculine traits Male or Feminine / Human names after racist/eugenic/colonizer Current problematic figures as noteworthy/somebody to recollect or have a good time Use indigenous names / Use native names / Identify based mostly on look or morphology / Eradicate idea names survival of the fittest Eugenics, ableism and social Darwinism Pure Choice / Survival Variations Gender Gender, a social assemble, is usually conflated with intercourse. Intercourse Hermaphrodite Derogatory time period used to trigger hurt to intersex and trans individuals. Monoecious/intersex/bigametic Indian A discriminatory and racist time period used to explain indigenous peoples. Indigenous male feminine These phrases are used to strengthen the concepts imposed by the society of a binary intercourse, emphasizing cis-normative and hetero-normative factors of view. Sperm producer/egg producer or XY/XX particular person Mom father These phrases perpetuate a non-universal heteronormative and cisnormative view of the upbringing and delivery course of. Father/egg donor/sperm donor Slipknot Time period related to violence towards blacks and lynching Ribbon primitive/superior Utilized in a derogatory method in direction of people or human practices, and in addition scientifically inaccurate, because it implies an evolutionary hierarchy. Ancestral/derived profession It perpetuates the concept the human race is a organic slightly than a social assemble when used to explain non-human subspecies. Inhabitants/subspecies/ecotype virgin A social building that reinforces heteropatriarchal norms single colonization / colonizer The phrases are dangerous and triggering for indigenous peoples who’ve been subjected to colonialism, racism and genocide, and the usage of the time period describes normalizes it as a pure phenomenon slightly than a damaging one with the human context. established/early successional species uncover / uncover It erases the longstanding and detailed ecological data of indigenous communities who’ve been concerned with native environments and ecosystems earlier than colonialism and Western science. recognized / described harem It perpetuates offensive stereotypes of human cultures, notably these of the Center East, and evokes a sexualized human energy construction during which girls are imagined to be subjugated to males. mating group / polynya grasp/grasp file/grasp equation/grasp variable It perpetuates dangerous stereotypes and connotations concerning the slavery of individuals of colour and normalizes the language concerned with slavery and enslaved individuals. major/predominant doc/major or variable equation Previous World / New World It perpetuates a colonial and Eurocentric imaginative and prescient of the world that’s offensive to the worldwide group and the indigenous peoples who inhabited the area and contributed to scientific data earlier than European colonialism. the related location rape It equates rape with a reproductive technique slightly than a violent and traumatic act, which may result in harmful misconceptions that it’s pure habits, and the usage of the time period forces survivors to confront it, which is traumatic. compelled copulation slave and/or grasp / slave ants / slavery It normalizes slavery and colonism as a pure phenomenon in nature, which is detrimental to cultures and folks of colour subjugated to those practices and doesn’t precisely signify animal habits. host and parasite / ‘pirate’ ants / coercion