And the Oscar for Finest Supporting Act goes to … a beauty surgeon

She pretends that her ageless face is regular and attainable, so long as you utilize sunscreen and eat natural and dwell a superb and wholesome life. She holds her face up in some type of ethical and aesthetic triumph. And this causes strange girls to really feel morally and aesthetically failed. It makes us really feel ashamed of our regular, growing old faces.

I think about there are lots of explanation why girls, particularly well-known girls, would lie about interventions. If you happen to’ve been praised for being naturally stunning, it should be humiliating to confess that you just’re not so pure anymore. Being a model ambassador for an over-the-counter face cream might have an effect on your contract to take pleasure in beauty procedures.

Botox anybody? It’s Oscar time!Credit score:Walter Peters

And fame, particularly the sort of fame related to nice magnificence, thrives on the concept of ​​specialness. Superstars are chosen. They’re exalted. They’re totally different from the remainder of us. In the event that they admit to jaw-dropping or getting saggy like everybody else, they’re simply not going to take care of the identical mysterious attraction.

Nonetheless, fame comes with privileges, and it additionally comes with obligations, and a type of obligations is to not trick their followers. That doesn’t imply saying, “I get child Botox each few months,” once they’re actually getting forehead lifts and lip enhancements and cheek implants.

It doesn’t imply saying “I’ve had fillers as soon as, however I’ve had them dissolved” in the event that they’ve had Restylane injections for the previous 15 years. It means being clear.


There’s a precedent. Jane Fonda acknowledged her facelift a while in the past, and he or she continued to be extraordinarily well-known. Different celebrities have acknowledged beauty procedures similar to nostril jobs or breast augmentations or lip injections. It’s time all of the famously stunning girls cease mendacity to us and acknowledge the beauty surgical procedures that maintain them “ageless”.

Till then, I stay fascinated by their youthful faces. And I ponder what they may appear like in 20 years.

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